Meet Your Moombahtonistas #10 – Sazon Booya

sazon booya

What the fuck is a SAZON BOOYA?!  Hint: It’s not a chicken seasoning.  Nor is it a Spanish war cry.  It’s more like the NYC-based DJ and production duo consisting of Mr. Vega and DJ SAV.  But the musical output of Sazon Booya is just as tasty as the finest adobo and just as powerful as the toughest Spanish army.

The Sazon Booya project doesn’t have as extensive of a history as the individual DJ careers of Mr. Vega and DJ SAV, but you would never be able to tell if you just looked at their list of accomplishments this year.  In fact, they’re on pace to become one of the most successful artists in the game.

Sazon Booya released their first EP, La Bomba, on Beatport this summer via their label, Rot10 Musik.  La Bomba is classic Sazon Booya – hardcore, energetic, and danceable tunes infused with global flair.  But to hype up the release, they created the first moombahton video ever to the title track, “La Bomba”.  This was a huge landmark for the moombahton as it legitimized genre by bridging the gap between the underground and the mainstream.  Since the debut of “La Bomba”, some of the genre’s greats have proceeded to create innovative music videos for their own tracks, including Tittsworth and Alvin Risk for their summer hit, “Pendejas”, and Nadastrom for their latest single, “i!!”

But don’t get it twisted.  Sazon Booya knows how to create a big room banger, but they’re definitely not scared to show their softer side.  They’ve produced some super suave tracks for David Heartbreak’s Moombahsoul compilations and kept it really sexy during their Midnight Moombah Sessions, but they really nailed it on the head with their Moonlight EP.  They released Moonlight in November of 2011 and by that time, it’s obvious they perfected a unique sound combination of hardcore energy harnessed by smooth vocals.  And come this release, Sazon Booya stepped it up a notch.  There was no moombahton video to accompany the Moonlight EP (yet) but instead a US tour that spanned twelve cities from the East Coast to the West Coast with guests like Nadastrom, Billy the Gent, Cam Jus, and Benzona, to name a few.  With the Moonlight release and promo tour, it’s become clear that Sazon Booya is wiser beyond its years.  They seriously handle business with prompt releases, music videos, country-wide tours.  Sazon Booya is headed straight to the top and they’re taking moombahton with them.

Hard-working moombahton artists will always find success by honing and maintaining a unique, flavorful sound.  With mentors like Skrillex and Dave Nada, there’s no way that Sazon Booya will fall to the middle of the pack.  They’re a standout duo, through and through.  It’s even better to know that these dudes are some rad individuals who made time to answer some questions for Cool Breezy.  Read up!

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