There Can Only Be One: Reed Rothchild


You know Reed Rothchild’s in the house if you smell the smoky deliciousness of freshly cooked bacon wafting in the air.  Yeeeeeahhhh buddy!  It’s always time for bacon when Reed Rothchild is around.  He loves bacon so much that he comes equipped to each of his shows with a bag of delicious bacon, or what he’s now dubbed as Rave Bacon.  Now tell me, how many DJs do you know who will feed you a tasty breakfast side dish while you rage to his tunes?  I only know of one.  The Baconator himself, Reed Rothchild.

Rothchild is one of the most fun and diverse DJs I’ve seen in the DC area.  He literally plays EVERYTHING.  No matter where he plays, whether it’s at Starscape, Mega, or any other Steez Promo rave, you’ll hear a nice mix of moombahton, electro, hip-hop, and Baltimore club.  He’s all over the place, in a good way.  He’ll keep you interested all night and he actually looks like he has fun doing it.  The energy transfers very well.  One of my favorite events he throws is his bi-monthly party, Reed vs. Reed, at Little Miss Whiskeys in DC, where he teams up with Obeyah for an all-night jam session of drunken debauchery.  Little Miss Whiskeys crafts up this deceptively tasty creeper house drink that’ll put you on that next level.  Combine that with Rothchild’s expert selecting and you really have a night you couldn’t forget even if you wanted to.

On that note, this Sunday we’ll be celebrating a magical holiday also known as Reed Rothchild’s Birthday.  He’s made it to see thirty years on this here Planet Earth all while keeping that boyish figure.  I dunno how he does it but it might have something to do with the breakfast mafia so I don’t ask questions.  Either way, he’ll be throwing a birthday rager at Rock & Roll Hotel in DC called Moombacon Massive.  (See what he did there?)  The party starts at 8PM and if you get there early, you can even join him in a Feast of the Godz featuring fried chicken and bacon.  If that doesn’t give you a heart attack, check out this killer line-up of DJs – Baltimore club legend Scottie B, King Tutt, James Nasty, Uncle Jesse, DJ Smudge, Keenan, Denman, and the birthday boy himself.  One look at the line-up and amenities and it feels more like a gift to us than it is to him but I think he really gets off on watching people get gluttonous in the club.  I’m not mad at that.  Party on, Garth.

Fun Bonus Fact:  Moombacon Massive also serves as a celebration of the re-launch of his notoriously hilarious corner of the World Wide Web, Head of Rothchild.  HOR serves as a bacon-centric hub of disgustingly delicious recipes, sophisticated critiques of shitty MySpace rappers, and all that other weird Internet shit.  HOR is gut-wrenching on the regular, either from constant uproarious laughter or the thought that your insides might explode if you ate anything he cooks up, like The Dog Child (WHAT IS THAT?!).  But now he’s taking one step closer towards world domination by adding a rack of like-minded individuals who are eager to contribute to the Power of Pork.  And your girl might could be involved in that. 😉

So in the interest of really getting to know The Baconator, I hassled The Man for a little bit of information.  This is me sharing the wealth.  Below, we talk about Baltimore club, bacon, and what we can do to prepare ourselves for Sunday’s Moombacon Massive.

Cool Breezy:  Normal Protocol.  For the people who aren’t familiar yet, how long have you been DJing and what’s your favorite genre to spin?

Reed Rothchild:  I started playing out in DC around 2000.  My first “gig” started in a basement of an Irish Pub where college kids would come down with their Kinko’s IDs and nearly drink themselves into a coma.  Oddly enough, that place is still there today. My favorite genre to spin has and always will be Baltimore Club.  It’s what really opened my eyes to other music before getting into DJing.  Back in the mid 90’s my friends and I would drive down to a club in DC but would stay in the car listening to the 92Q live broadcast because it was one of the only times we got to hear it.  Then we would go in all hyped up.  A lot of the music I play, even if it isn’t straight Baltimore Club, you can hear the influence in a lot of tracks.  That’s about it for genres.  I keep my sets as an open book, you’re going to hear a little bit of everything, plus I have mad A.D.D. so I like to go fast in order to keep interested.

CB:  I’ve been to plenty of your shows and I’m getting the feeling that you really like to facilitate the madness.  Do you have any crazy stories you wanna share from one of your sets?

RR:  I could go on about a few memorable gems but would need to check the statute of limitations first.  I’ve been doing it for almost ten years now so a lot of it is starting to become blurry memory-wise but I have to say for whatever reason I’ve seen a lot of fights.  When I lived in Vegas a few years ago, I played at a pool party and saw a couple fucking in a Cabana.  I thought it was awesome but apparently that’s about as common as Nikes out there.

CB:  I really wanna get down to business though.  I’ve seen you two on the streets, in the club, and in DC’s finest eateries.  How long have you and bacon been in a committed relationship and how is it working out for you?  I don’t wanna get too presumptuous but you seem pretty happy together.

RR:  It’s a great relationship, no doubt.  Bacon has been with me through the hard times and the good times.  Never complains and is always there for you. The only time we got into it and 911 was called, it was for an ambulance.

CB:  Word on the mean streets is that Head of Rothchild is gonna be seeing a re-launch next week.  What’s in store for everybody?  Will we still be seeing your heart-stopping bacon recipes, endless social commentary, and of course, Ziplok’s dope rapping skills?

RR:  Your source is correct as usual.  The H.O.R. is coming up on its two year anniversary and I thought it would be a good time to expand the brand by bringing in a few more creative faces who I think share the same mindset as me.  It’s going to have a new look, even have advertisers, but fear not, you’re going to see the same fatboy recipes, great music, and discovering some of the crazy creatures the Internet has to offer.

CB:  Tell us what we need to know to get prepared for Moombacon Massive.  How should we avoid getting carried out on a stretcher?

RR:  Come with an empty stomach, rested liver, and an open mind musically.  Have to give a huge thanks to Smudge and the crew over at One Love Massive who have been super helpful in pushing this event.  It’s going to be a melting pot of activity with Free Bacon, Free Fried Chicken, and Free Condoms.  Also celebrating the H.O.R. re-launch along with the miracle known as my 30th birthday.  The massive basically reflects on everything that the H.O.R. is about: food, music, and a shit show.  I’m super excited to have some of my favorite DJ’s come aboard for it – Scottie B, King Tutt, Uncle Jesse, James Nasty, Smudge, Keenan, and Denman.  Thank GAWD Monday is a holiday because we’re all going to need the recovery time.

Meet Your Moombahtonistas (#4): JWLS


Probably one of the most excited DJs in the game right now, JWLS (aka Julio Mejia) is livin’ The Good Life.  Located in Miami, Florida, dude’s constantly cookin’ up fresh tracks in the lab, eatin’ mad Cuban sandwiches, and watchin’ bikini-clad girls strollin’ by with that switch that drives the boys crazy.  (Don’t worry – I’ve seen the Will Smith video.  That’s what it’s like, right?)  Anyway.  If you’ve been keeping up with the moombahton genre at all, you probably know JWLS from the Vibrate Chick EP.  (If you don’t have that yet, get dat ass over to and download it for free!  Then come back and keep reading.)

It turns out JWLS was a pretty big influence in the creation of the Vibrate Chick EP, the three-way collaboration between himself, DC’s Billy the Gent, and Virginia’s Long Jawns.  In the very first installment of Meet Your Moombahtonistas, I interviewed Billy the Gent and he explained how the Vibrate Chick EP came together.  He said Long Jawns created “Vibrate” while channeling JWLS’ sound and Billy himself felt that JWLS held the key to finishing an otherwise unfinished track, “Chick Like This”.  JWLS provided the missing pieces for the endeavor and ended up remixing “Vibrate” for the EP as well.  Basically, JWLS had his hands all up in this mix and I’d say it was for the greater good.

A moombahton hit from the jump, the three-track Vibrate Chick EP was released a month ago and has rocked every moombahton party I’ve attended ever since.  I’ve even heard “Vibrate” being played at super massive raves.  I saw Tittsworth drop it for the ravers at Starcape.  I saw Reed Rothchild drop it for the dubsteppers at Mega.  And most recently, I saw Billy drop it for the moombahtonistas at Moombahton Massive IV.  These tunes are being played for all sorts of EDM fans.  Even though the Vibrate Chick EP is only three tracks deep, it contains three solid tracks that are insanely versatile – what more could you ask for?

I’m still reelin’ off the tunes from Vibrate Chick and I needed to know more about these dudes Billy was workin’ with, so I hit the interwebz.  From there, I pretty much stumbled into JWLS’ world of musical wonderment via his SoundCloud.  His sounds bounce around from moombahton to electro to ambient chillwave but it’s all based around a strong hip-hop influence.  He’s got a Gucci Mane “Stoopid” bootleg here, a Weezy “6 Foot 7 Foot” bootleg there, but my absolute favorite is this Nicki Minaj “Did It On Em” bootleg he dropped about a month ago.  Shit is straight fire!  So hot it made the cut for that week’s Mad Decent SoundCloud Roundup and also made me realize this dude was one to watch.

JWLS is stuntin’ enough skills and swag to stand on his own, but “one is the loneliest number”, yall, so he teamed up with Van Toth (aka Matt Toth) to form Grand Theft Audio, or GTA.  Together they create these techy-house tunes that are quickly taking off.  GTA’s gotten love from official heads like Diplo, Laidback Luke, and Afrojack.  Pretty major!  Also, GTA just released a four-track EP on Monday via Mixmash Records called U&I/Next To Us, which includes an official Laidback Luke remix of their track “U&I”.  If you like the sound of that, go ‘head and buy that ish on Beatport!

So this is JWLS.  He’ll be in your area sooner than you know it.  But until then, read this Q&A I did with him where he talks about the Vibrate Chick EP, Miami girls, and Munchi’s hair.


Cool Breezy:  How long have you been DJing and producing and what got you into the game?  Also, I did a little facebook stalking in preparation for this.  Were you in a ska band?!

JWLS:  I’ve been producing for about a little over a year and a half, and DJing for a little over a year. I got into it through my friends in high school!  But I didn’t really do house or moombahton ‘till I met my friend (and partner in my other project, GTA) Matt Toth!

Haha! Yes, I actually was in a ska band.  I used to play trumpet back in high school.

CB:  How’d you first hear about moombahton and what initially attracted you to the genre?

J:  I first heard moombahton through SoundCloud.  I follow Dillon Francis on there, and I saw he favorited a track by Munchi, and I checked out his tracks and died.  I was really attracted to the Latin side of the whole thing.  I’m really into that type of music, and the fact that it could be involved so heavily with electronic music was awesome to me too.  Big ups Dave Nada!

CB:  You just collaborated with Billy the Gent and Long Jawns on the Vibrate Chick EP.  What was it like working with them, especially with none of you living in the same state? Also, what’s next on your agenda?

J:  Working with Billy The Gent and Long Jawns was dope.  They sent me their track “Vibrate”, and I thought it was super dope.  I asked if I could remix it, and they let me do it!  Long Jawns called me after I finished to tell me he loved it, haha.  Those guys are swagged out.  Billy The Gent and I kept in touch, also.  I was a fan of his when I first got into moombahton.  We ended up finishing this track he started by him sending me parts of the song, and I just put my touch on it with some marching band drums and rap beats!

Right now, I’m working on some new JWLS moombahton, and also working a lot in my other project, GTA. We have a release coming out this month on Laidback Luke’s label: Mixmash Records!  Be sure to check it out and cop it! #swag

CB:  What’s the moombahton scene like in Miami?  Is there a lot of competition as far as DJs and producers go and are the party people receptive to the genre?

J:  Moombahton down here is still underground, but I’m starting to see a lot of DJs fit moombahton into their sets.  There are a lot of DJs here actually, haha, so there is a good amount of competition.  At parties, everyone goes crazy when they hear moombahton, especially the girls, haha!

CB:  Who’s your favorite moombahton producer right now and why?

J:  I’d have to say Munchi, he’s so flexible with his genres and I think his hair is cool!

CB:  Last five albums you downloaded – go!

J:  1.  Tyler The Creator, Goblin
2.  Blow Your Head Vol. 2: Moombahton
3.  (idk if mixtapes count, but) Bird Peterson, Drankenstein (one of my favorites ever!)
4.  N.E.R.D, In Search Of (because I lost it)
5.  Bird Peterson: Holiday Spectacular