7 Music Videos To Watch All Week

Kanye West – “Only One” (ft. Paul McCartney)

So I’ve heard a lot of detractors totally shaming Kanye West for his use of Auto-Tune in “Only One” but for real, yall, can this guy have a moment?!  Who cares if it gets a little weird sometimes – we’re all weird most of the time.  According to his interview with Ellen, during which he premiered the music video, “Only One” is a song West wrote from the perspective from his late mother.  Ugh.  Real tears, right?!  Also, how precious is North?!

Run The Jewels – “Lie, Cheat, Steal”

El-P and Killer Mike as Run The Jewels are back with their latest video for “Lie, Cheat, Steal” from Run The Jewels 2.  I really dig the animation effects added to the video, which add a great deal of character to the clip’s overall texture.

Courtney Barnett – “Pedestrian At Best”

“Put me on a pedestal and I’ll only disappoint you/Tell me I’m exceptional/I promise to exploit you.” GOD – I absolutely love Courtney Barnett‘s DGAF attitude in her video for her hilarious grunge-pop track, “Pedestrian At Best”.  The singer-songwriter is from Melbourne and even as a depressed clown in this video, I still wanna kick it with her.  “Pedestrian At Best” is from her forthcoming album, Sometimes I Just Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit, out on 3/24 via Mom+Pop.

Mugwump – “Until You’re Worth It”

I’m currently writing this post around 5am and I’m really hoping nobody at work is wondering what the fuck I’m watching here. It’s actually Mugwump‘s video for his funky R&B track, “Until You’re Worth It”. I love it. And if this is what it takes to finally feel like I’m “enough” – you can find me stretchin’ my gams in yoga for the rest of my life. BYE.

Girlpool – “Chinatown”

Okay, I ALSO wanna hang out with Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker of LA-based punk duo, Girlpool, and just kick it in their hood cause that seems to be a good time according to their video for “Chinatown”. In the song, they ask “Do you feel restless when you realize you’re alive” and there’s a resounding “YES” coming from my corner of the world so yeah maybe we can hang out and eat ice cream and talk about our feelings for a minute. “Chinatown” will be out on a 7″ on 3/24 via Wichita Recordings.

Yumi Zouma – “Catastrophe”

The beloved BANGS directed this video for “Catastrophe”, from Yumi Zouma‘s forthcoming EP II.  There are lot of creepy things going down in this video, but the dream-pop song from the New Zealand trio has me thinking of dewy summer mornings.  Idk – maybe everything has me dreaming of summer ’cause it’s so damn cold here, but whateva.  The good news here is that cliff-hanger ending you see here in “Catastrophe”, apparently only the first part in a series, will be resolved in another video.

Push Pull

Purity Ring – “Push Pull”

Embedding this one was a bit tricky, so you can watch it here!  Sorry for the troubles, but I really wanted to share it with you!  “Push Pull” is the first single from Purity Ring’s sophomore album, Another Eternity, out on 2/24 via 4AD.  Megan James made her own costume for this video and the effects used by director Renata Kaksha meant that James had to learn her chorus backwards.  Pretty crazy!

#CheckItOut: // MusiXploitation Ads from Ads Libitum

G Thang

Run The World


In Da Club


36 Chambers

Red Light District

Niggas In Paris

Big Ego's


Much to my surprise, Tumblr turns out to be more than images of sideboobs and kitten .gifs. Although I have a love for both, I was super excited to stumble upon these music ads influenced by classic blacksploitation films. SO DOPE, RIGHT?! Check out Ads Libitum on Facebook and if you like what you see here, you can buy prints for the crib on Society6.