Listen // Tom Misch – “Brazilian Love”

Tom Misch

When I first heard Tom Misch‘s “Brazilian Love”, I swear I spun it back another four times straight. It begins with an buttery smooth sample of 1974’s “Mirandolina” from Burnier e Cartier – so impressively chill and breezy – but when the percussion drops in…man, it teases some serious Dilla influence. Certified poolside vibes are heavy with “Brazilian Love.”  You’re gonna need this one for your Spring Break soundtrack.  Luckily, the London-based producer promises this one will be on a forthcoming tape, hopefully released sooner than later.

Learn // 10 Small, Unexpected Things That Will Make You Happier

Happy Things

When we think about ways to elevate our lives and make our day-to-day a little sunnier, we always tend to jump to the obvious conclusions like exercising more and keeping a gratitude journal.  And while all of these ideas are great and hopefully lead to the same end result of unshakeable happiness, there are some other ways to be happy that sometimes we overlook.

Read about them here!

Listen // Tropics – “Blame” (Machinedrum Remix)


Oh man, I love the way this track builds.  I can’t tell if it’s drum ‘n’ bass or hip-hop or some fantastic combination of the two, but Machinedrum really put in some work with his rework of “Blame” from Tropics‘ latest album, Rapture.  All I know is it feels really physical – especially when you turn up the volume.  Enjoy that.

Free Download // Dye B ft. Cody Crush – “Shake” (Thunderbird Juicebox Remix)


I swear, Thunderbird Juicebox is one of THE most underrated Baltimore club producers here in Baltimore.  He keeps it pretty low-key but his productions are always heaters.  I was originally drawn to him a few years ago when he was producing these new, but old school-sound club tracks, but he’s linked up with Space Is The Place Records and now he’s skyrocketed off into the future.  TBJB just dropped a brand new EP last week titled BMORE 3030, which you can stream over on FACT.  But you can also grab this remix of Dye B and Cody Crush’s “Shake” right here to get your immediate club fix.

Listen // James Blake – “200 Press” & Gorillaz – “Feel Good Inc.” (Harmonimix Remix)

James Blake

James Blake nurtures a genius that I’ll always envy. Every time he releases a new track, I always shake my fist to the heavens and shout “HOW DOES HE DO IT?!” Somehow, he manages to never sound like anybody else EVER and that is way beyond my scope of understanding but he nails it every time.  This week, he came out of left field (as he usually does) with two new-to-us tracks – one called “200 Press” and another from his Harmonimix alias, a remix of the classic Gorillaz track, “Feel Good Inc.”

Right now, we’ll only get a short preview of “200 Press”, but it’ll be out digitally on 12/8 via 1-800-DINOSAUR.  And there’s only gonna be 200 copies of this track pressed up, hence the name, so be ready!   The release will feature this song along with two more tracks and a poem.   Anyway, “200 Press” sounds like he’s working on a techno masterpiece with rolling bass and pitched-waaay-down vocals.  We’re living in dark days now.

Harmonimix’s remix of “Feel Good Inc.” by Gorillaz is claimed to be one from “back in the day” but recently showcased by Rich Reason’s FABRICLIVE session.  Harmonimix’s transforms the bouncy version of the original track into a dark, atmospheric remix where it nearly sounds like “Feel Good Inc.” is just playing off in the distance.  It’s a bit haunting if you ask me, but that’s exactly why I love it.

#CheckItOut: // MusiXploitation Ads from Ads Libitum

G Thang

Run The World


In Da Club


36 Chambers

Red Light District

Niggas In Paris

Big Ego's


Much to my surprise, Tumblr turns out to be more than images of sideboobs and kitten .gifs. Although I have a love for both, I was super excited to stumble upon these music ads influenced by classic blacksploitation films. SO DOPE, RIGHT?! Check out Ads Libitum on Facebook and if you like what you see here, you can buy prints for the crib on Society6.

Free Download: // Mighty Mark – Bmore Mighty Mixtape


GET PUMPED!  Mighty Mark just dropped a fucking heater of a mixtape with Bmore Mighty, which in just a mere thirty minutes, highlights some of Baltimore’s best talents!  Featuring old school club cats like Porkchop and KW Griff (must-haves, duh. bring in the fucking cats!!!) and vocals from DDm, TT the Artist, and DJ Angelbaby.  Released by Moveltraxx, Bmore Mighty reps for Baltimore in the only way we know how – turning the fuck up.

Try: // A Formula for Perfect Productivity


Think about all the activities that fill your day – work, exercise, hobbies, extra curriculars, family time, naps – you name it.  It’s no secret that Americans just never stop working.  But realistically, there’s only so many hours in the day.  So what if you could maximize your productivity during each hour and get the most out of every day?  Turns out the most effective formula for productivity is to work straight through 52 minutes and then take a 17 minute break.  Your brain appreciates the short break and you’ll also see a spike in creativity when you figure out how to waste time effectively.