Learn // 5 Easy Ways To Be More Likable


Whether you’re starting a new job and need to make a good first impression on your new coworkers or just looking to step up your friendship game, check out this list of five small things you can do to be more likable.  It all comes down to really listening for the little details.  And this comes in handing for the five-minute-favor strategy – a way to lend a hand to somebody in need of a quick favor – is so easy to do and a great boost to your reputation.

Read // “Stop Thinking and Start Doing: The Power of Practicing More” by James Clear

Slackin'According to James Clear, an expert on habits and success, there’s always a good purpose for learning and doing, but don’t get too caught up in learning.  You’ll find more results if you just submerge yourself in whatever activity will put you on the fast track towards your goal.  Clear states it best: “Let’s say your goal is to get stronger and more fit. You can research the best instructions on bench press technique, but the only way to build strength is to practice lifting weights.”  Just dive right in!

Learn // How to Overcome Workload Paralysis and Get Back into Action

Too Much To DoHave you ever had too much to do and instead of getting to work, crossing items off your to-do list, and accomplishing goals…you just take a nap or binge on Netflix?  Ugh – it happens to me more than I’d like to admit.  Here are a few things you can do to get back on track.

The Reasons People Don’t Follow Their Passions, and What You Can Do


There’s always a million reasons not to do something.  But following your dreams shouldn’t be something you make excuses for not doing.  Ever.  If you don’t know what it is you’re passionate about, start here.  My favorite piece of advice from that article was this: what subject would you read 200 books about?  That should narrow it down for you.

And then when you’re done figuring out what it is you’re passionate about, read this to expel ALL of your excuses not to just do the damn thing.

Watch // TED Talk – Want To Be Happy? Be Grateful.


Earlier this year, I started a gratitude journal where I write down three things about every single day that I’m thankful for.  Like maybe something went exactly as I’d hoped it would.  Or the way an ice cream cone tastes.  When it comes down to it, you’d be amazed at how many little things you’d discover to be grateful for once you start looking for them in your daily life.

Watch David Steindl-Rast break it down for you here.

Learn // 6 Habits of Confident People

you are enough

To define confidence, Claire Shipman said “It’s an ability to move toward things wholeheartedly. To move toward challenges wholeheartedly without holding back… The ability to be able to just take that risk and jump into things and benefit from what it feels like to just leave your comfort zone and just do something and learn…”

Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith and trust that you’re going to land on your feet.  That’s confidence.  And these six habits listed by Fast Company make The Whole Confidence Thing not seem so far out of reach.  All it takes is a conscious effort each day to reach in that direction.

Read them here!

How-To Guide // Get Out of a Rut & Regain Your Self-Respect


Life can throw you a curve ball every now and then because it’s a fucked up world that really loves to see us struggle but it’s all about how you bounce back from it.  You can either lay in bed all day and hate yourself or you can get back in the game and take what’s yours.  It’s up to you.  But in my opinion, success is the best revenge.  Dust yourself off.  Here’s how you do it in five easy steps:

Read it here!

Read // 7 Habits of Highly Resilient People

Dreams The greater the risk, the greater the reward.  Or so they say.  The more you put yourself out there – the more you chase your dreams – the bigger chance you have of falling flat on your face and failing.  But it happens to the best of us.  And you learn way more by failing than you by always getting it right.  Regardless, it’s not always easy to come to terms with it.  Here’s how the most resilient people bounce back from failure.

Lists // Best Books of 2014


I’m a total book nerd. By the end of this year, I will have read at least one hundred books. I read a bunch of different kinds of books – novels, cookbooks, graphic novels, comics, non-fiction. Everything. Besides, I’m a huge subscriber to the idea that reading makes your life better (simple as that!). I usually read a bunch of books that have been taking up space on my to-read list, but I’m always interested to see what other people read during the year. Here are some of my favorite Best Of 2014 lists!  If you haven’t read any of these yet, just add them to your list for next year.  Happy reading!

NPR’s Best Books of 2014 – My personal favorite of all the lists.  You can see all the books at once, or filter them through each category for easier browsing.

The New York Times 100 Notable Books of 2014 – Because it’s The New York Times.  And because their summaries are quick and to the point!

A Year In Reading with The Millions – Authors, bloggers, and staff writers come together and each compile their own personal list of what they read this year.

Amazon’s Best Books of 2014 – Amazon breaks down their most popular picks down to each exhaustive category and celebrities even picked a few of their faves from this year.  (Bonus – you can add books you like right to your Amazon Wishlist from the lists!)

Read // The Connection Between Fear and Regret


As we grow older, we become these fearful creatures that are terrified of what awaits us around the corner.  But being scared is totally okay, especially if you’re really onto something good.  The point is to not let that fear disable you from doing something you really want to do and eventually evolve into regret.  In an interview with Erica Fox, the author of Winning From Within, she says, “The best way to learn to deal with a fear is for it to happen and for you to realize you are still alive the next day to tell the tale.”


(Photo from Austin Kleon’s weekly newsletter.)

Learn // The Habits of Highly Productive People


We’ve all been there – committed to completing a project, whether it’s a song, a written article, or a piece of art, and yet when it’s time to work, we can’t muster the confidence, energy, or focus to actually do the damn thing.  We’ll usually make up some kind of excuse for it, like we just weren’t feeling creative at the moment, and call it quits for the day.  But usually there is a legitimate reason for our inaction – maybe we’re just not as passionate about this project as we originally were or maybe we’re lacking the confidence to put ourselves out there for criticism.  But if you take a look at the habits of the most productive people, they’ve got a system in place to beat all of these obstacles.  Rachel Toor breaks it down for us and shows us how productive writers get it done, but I think this would be perfect for any creator out there who needs a little spark of energy.