Free Download // Nadastrom – The Life and Times of Raphael De La Ghetto

Hot off the heels of their 2015 full-length effort, Nadastrom, the LA-via-DC duo yet again find themselves shedding the skin of yesterday.  Don’t expect to hear much moombahton from them anymore.  It’s a new day and they’re breaking new ground.  While Nadastrom explored rich house music territory, The Life and Times of Raphael De La Ghetto keeps it light and funky.

You might remember Raphael De La Ghetto from a classic episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air where Will Smith freestyled a poem in high school and attributed it to Raphael De La Ghetto, who was played by Geoffrey, the family’s butler.  Samples from the episode tie the whole mixtape together as it moves us with classic breakbeats and hip-hop instrumentals.

Playlist // Favorites! May 2015

Here are my favorite tracks and mixes from May!  There’s over 65 hours of music on this one.  Sorry I went a little overboard again – I just get too excited sometimes!  Just hit shuffle and enjoy.

Playlist // March Favorites!

I’m finally delivering on something a lot of you have asked me for.

Each week here on Cool Breezy, I usually post twelve pieces (sixteen if I’m feeling super motivated).  It breaks down to about eight of my favorite tracks and videos and a about four inspirational articles to help you get your life together.  Unfortunately that means I’m forced to leave out a lot of great music and often times it feels like a parent trying to pick their favorite child.

But with this playlist, clocking in at over twelve hours (!!!), gives me a chance to showcase not only the tracks that have been included on each issue of Cool Breezy, but also some of the ones that I absolutely loved but had to leave out for issues of space and time.  And it also gives you guys the chance to press play, kick your feet up (even if you’re at work – I won’t tell!), and just enjoy the music.

So here are my favorite tracks from March 2015!  Enjoy!

Free Download // Phi Unit – “Ph For You”

So Emotional

New York DJ babes Cousin Cole and Phi Unit dropped the third installment in their So Emotional mix series back on Valentine’s Day this year but I think I’m heartsick so allow me to embrace this, will ya?  Plus the boys recently spoke with Thump about their unique take on moombahsoul.  Moombahton and its derivatives are hard to come by these days, but there’s a certain pleasure to take in slowing it down a bit and maybe talking about your feelings to your best friend.  Exploring all tropical flavors from dancehall to moombahton, Cole and Phi describe So Emotional as “music that turns your ear drums into tear drums.” It’s tissue time – stream the whole mix below (and play my favorite track above!)

This Week’s 5 Best Mixes

If there’s any better time to really see what you’re made of, it’s gotta be when your technology fails you and you’re left to rely on your skills alone. That’s what happened to Cosmo Baker this week when he stopped by Philly radio station, WKDU. His computer was on the fritz so he brought two bags of 45s with him to the radio station and went to work on decks.  Because that’s how you fucking do it like a professional.

My homie .rar Kelly of Space is the Place Records in Baltimore describes Kate Boss as “sexy, tough, and downright terrifying” and that’s a woman I can get behind. There’s a certain darkness to her that is absolutely seductive – something Baltimore has been craving for so long. I love how she uses sultry R&B to drive the mix through glitchy, industrial sounds and hyperactive club music.

Indie dance music is the groove when it comes to SAINT WKND‘s guest mix for THUMP.  The German producer clearly put the focus on souful vocals, sensual beats, and all around good times when he curated this mix.  With tracks from dinnerdate, Flume, and SAINT WKND’s own productions and remixes, this one will be perfect to rock with on your way out for the night.

Tee Vish exposes his favorite underground sounds in his latest mix for The Astral Plane.  Showcasing sounds from MA NGUZU, Funkystepz, and Geotheory, this mix is something you’ll wanna listen to when you’re in dire need for fresh, new music.

Jana Hunter


When the lead singer of a down-tempo indie rock band from Baltimore starts playing DJ sets, you listen.  Closely.  Such is the case with Jana Hunter of Lower Dens and her latest DJ mix for The Fader.  Thumbs down to The Fader for not being able to embed this mix (sharing is caring, yall!), but trust me, it’s worth the click through to their page.  Thirty minutes of footwork, club music, and chill hip-hop – you’ll just have to hear it to believe it.

Mix // GFOTY – “Dog Food”


Leave it to PC Music’s GFOTY and Spinee to turn the next eight minutes of your life into the weirdest, but most interesting, time of your entire day. In preparation for PC Music‘s SXSW takeover, the girls of the label created a mix talking about aphrodisiacs for dogs in between chopped, pitched up productions.  When you’re finished listening, play it back again and you’re bound to hear something you hadn’t heard the first time.  It’s amazing how many styles and textures they can pack into eight minutes. That’s why I fuck with this label.  You’re surely in for something solid if you’re able to check them out in Austin this year. >:)


Mix // Sasha Marie – “Refresh”


Leave it to the Soulection family to just kill it every time.  Sasha Marie, one of the fabulous ladies on the Soulection roster, just released her first mix of the year and it’s aptly titled “Refresh”.  For me, there’s a bunch of new artists to explore on here – like su na, C Y G N, and Wantigga – which I certainly find exciting.  And the vibe on “Refresh” is such a breath of fresh air – let the rolling hi-hats, thumping bass, and smooth vocals convince you to do something a little different this year.  Full of hip-hop, low-key trap, and jazzy vibes, this one’s a great one to bop to for a while.  And when you’re done, check out the rest of Sasha Marie’s catalog for more gems like this one.

Heaven Sent ft. Zacari – J-Louis
Anyway – e. doza
Young – Abhi Dijon (Joseph L ‘Étranger & Shaunic Remix)
You Gurl (Instrumental) – Full Crate
Temple – Sam Gellaitry
Toma Na Hora (flip)- K-Wash
Yellow – Raava
Tiffany – ???
Faces – Casey Veggies
OTremAzul | NeguimRemix ( Day 6 )- Regina
How Bout Now – Drake (SAVON Remix)
Mood – C Y G N
It Was Beautiful – Dom Kennedy
Casa Fortissimo – AbJo
Love Samba – Non Drifter
U Like Me (Paris Jones) – Tails
Hudson – su na
Full Proof- KAYKQUE
Me dê Amor (Rio Funk Edit)- K-Wash
Hirokazu Tanaka – (Evil Needle Remix )
Ay Ay [Prod. Fingalick] – GoldLink
Don’t Need You – LAKIM
Only You – Wantigga
URNexpected (Childish Gambino House Edit)- k u n
Distant Love (Chris McClenney Remix)- Abhi Dijon

Free Download // GFOTY – “Cake Mix”


I cosign anything PC Music because they’re so weird and cute and pitched-up at all times – it really gives me life, okay.  And when I first heard “Cake Mix” from GFOTY I was like “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS EVEN” and hopefully that was the exact reaction she was going for because I love every second of this eleven-minute mix.  Even that amazing part where she covers Blink 182’s “All The Small Things” (RIP btw).  Anyway, according to Spin, this is the inspiration behind this glitchy, twinkly mix:

Basically Cake Mix was created after I got with this really hot guy who had a GF – I mean, I thought he was hot at the time but in reality he looks like that really weird bloated face when your making a Mii character on your Wii – you know the one yeah? It’s kinda just about me stealing people’s boyfriends and being abnormally huge. This one guy on Twitter said he saw me out once and I was way smaller then he imagined and to ‘never meet your heroes’ or something like that and I mean like I’m 169cms (5’5”) and I wear high shoes all the time too so like HOW TALL DID HE WANT ME TO BE? So I guess – yeah it’s kinda inspired by that guy on Twitter primarily. So I guess cake has nothing to do with the mix apart from me making cakes and stuff.

I want you.  I want you. I want you to like me.❤ xoxoxoxo