Listen // Raf Riley – “Summer” ft. Etta Bond, Avelino, and Dun D

Hella wavy sounds coming from London’s Raf Riley with the help of frequent collaborator, Etta Bond, as well as Avelino and Dun D.  This is what summer sounds like at 4am – hot, sticky, and hittin’ all the right parts.

Playlist // Favorites! May 2015

Here are my favorite tracks and mixes from May!  There’s over 65 hours of music on this one.  Sorry I went a little overboard again – I just get too excited sometimes!  Just hit shuffle and enjoy.

Listen // oshi – “god hour”


Oshi‘s “god hour” sounds a lot like we’re going down a dark alley with the London-based producer. Hella trapped out and floating in a blissful space of late night hip-hop beats, “god hour” just scratches the surface of what the sixteen-year-old producer can do (his pitched-down interpretation of Towkio’s “Reflection” has been on repeat for me!). “god hour” is only a minute-and-a-half long but I could go for another five minutes of it. And make sure you stick around for the very end, when you’ll hear Oshi sample one of my favorite tracks from last week.

Playlist // Favorites! April 2015


Somebody fire me. Just give me a janky cardboard box to pack away all of my snacks and stuffed animals (my favorite audience) and I’ll be on my way, I promise. I’ll leave you with this FORTY ONE HOUR playlist that encompasses a lot of my favorite tracks and mixes from April. Guys, I really had no idea that it was gonna be this long of a good time! And this was even during a month where I took a week off blogging to go drink bourbon in Louisville, KY and eat hot chicken in Nashville, TN.

Anyway, the vibe is pretty low-key this month and that’s just the way I like it, so I hope you do too! You’ll enjoy lots of really dope hip-hop instrumentals, R&B with the smoothest vocals, and of course lots of club music that kept my spirits high during the Baltimore Uprising.

Hit shuffle and press play to get down to this playlist! And just in case you want more, here’s March’s Playlist!

Listen // Alessia – “Here”


Ontario-based vocalist and self-proclaimed introvert, Alessia (aka Alessia Caracciolo) just summed up exactly how I feel about going to loud-ass clubs in her latest single for Def Jam, “Here”.  She confesses, “I’m sorry if I seem uninterested/ Oh I’m not listenin’, oh I’m indifferent/ Truly I ain’t got no business here/ But since my friends are here, I just came to kick it/ But really I would rather be at home all by myself/ Not in this room with people who don’t even care about my well being.”  Alessia’s seamless flow coupled with an expertly sampled Isaac Hayes’ “Ike’s Rap II” (which you also probably know from Portishead’s 1994 single, “Glory Box”), “Here” is a super chill late night anthem for us ladies proudly rollin’ dolo.

DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?!  Like, I enjoy going out and seeing my friends DJ to a club full of friends and fans alike, but FUCK I hate talking in the club.  I CAN’T EVEN HEAR YOU.  PLEASE SCREAM LOUDER INTO MY EAR IT’S FINE.  Ugh.  I’m with Alessia – I’ll just be over here.

Listen // X&G – “Home” ft. kida

4 am

California-based producers Xian (aka Christian Williams) and Gaszia (aka Aaron Spasiano) didn’t name their first collaborative effort 4am for nothing.  Bursting at the seams with seductive rhythms, soulful vocals, and percussion work that is worth every penny and more, 4am is the perfect soundscape to guide you into the depths of the night.

Released by Trapdoor Records, 4am pulls a little bit of this and a little bit of that from X&G’s collective backlog of productions to create a cohesive vibe that feels so whimsical and hypnotic.  And for me, I find it particularly hard to pull away from “Home” because apparently I’m a sucker for R&B ballads.  I regret nothing.  Featuring kida on vocals, “Home” is just too damn sexy to resist.  Spin it back foreverrr.

Playlist // March Favorites!

I’m finally delivering on something a lot of you have asked me for.

Each week here on Cool Breezy, I usually post twelve pieces (sixteen if I’m feeling super motivated).  It breaks down to about eight of my favorite tracks and videos and a about four inspirational articles to help you get your life together.  Unfortunately that means I’m forced to leave out a lot of great music and often times it feels like a parent trying to pick their favorite child.

But with this playlist, clocking in at over twelve hours (!!!), gives me a chance to showcase not only the tracks that have been included on each issue of Cool Breezy, but also some of the ones that I absolutely loved but had to leave out for issues of space and time.  And it also gives you guys the chance to press play, kick your feet up (even if you’re at work – I won’t tell!), and just enjoy the music.

So here are my favorite tracks from March 2015!  Enjoy!

This Week’s 5 Best Mixes

If there’s any better time to really see what you’re made of, it’s gotta be when your technology fails you and you’re left to rely on your skills alone. That’s what happened to Cosmo Baker this week when he stopped by Philly radio station, WKDU. His computer was on the fritz so he brought two bags of 45s with him to the radio station and went to work on decks.  Because that’s how you fucking do it like a professional.

My homie .rar Kelly of Space is the Place Records in Baltimore describes Kate Boss as “sexy, tough, and downright terrifying” and that’s a woman I can get behind. There’s a certain darkness to her that is absolutely seductive – something Baltimore has been craving for so long. I love how she uses sultry R&B to drive the mix through glitchy, industrial sounds and hyperactive club music.

Indie dance music is the groove when it comes to SAINT WKND‘s guest mix for THUMP.  The German producer clearly put the focus on souful vocals, sensual beats, and all around good times when he curated this mix.  With tracks from dinnerdate, Flume, and SAINT WKND’s own productions and remixes, this one will be perfect to rock with on your way out for the night.

Tee Vish exposes his favorite underground sounds in his latest mix for The Astral Plane.  Showcasing sounds from MA NGUZU, Funkystepz, and Geotheory, this mix is something you’ll wanna listen to when you’re in dire need for fresh, new music.

Jana Hunter


When the lead singer of a down-tempo indie rock band from Baltimore starts playing DJ sets, you listen.  Closely.  Such is the case with Jana Hunter of Lower Dens and her latest DJ mix for The Fader.  Thumbs down to The Fader for not being able to embed this mix (sharing is caring, yall!), but trust me, it’s worth the click through to their page.  Thirty minutes of footwork, club music, and chill hip-hop – you’ll just have to hear it to believe it.

Listen // Sevdaliza – “That Other Girl”


“That Other Girl” reminds me of a heartbreak so fucking earth shattering that Sevdaliza is just out on a warpath right now. The Rotterdam-based singer and producer is nearly whispering as she says, “He never knew what I was made of”. Lean in close because you’re about to fucking listen to what she has to say. And then this violent bass kicks up and destroys everything you’re made of. It’s The Ultimate Fuck You.

“That Other Girl” is out now on her debut EP, The Suspended Kid.

Free Download // Sango – “Maluco” (S&G Edit)

Have Mercy!

They say you always remember your first and this is my very first introduction into the world of Sunny & Gabe.  UGH – I LOVE THEM ALREADY.  (Forgive me, okay?  Late pass!)

I’m not sure if I’d even call this an edit here – the Norfolk-based duo radically changed Sango’s “Maluco” into something that is uniquely theirs.  First off, can we talk about all of the Baltimore club easter eggs in here?!  HELLO.  I feel like I’m right at home here.  And then Sunny on vocals with the “Smooth Operator” Sade shout out – Sweet Lord Jesus COME THRU!!!  She’s hella sultry on this track and I’m fully appreciating it right now.  And finally, the Ghosttown DJs 90s vibe happening all over this track is just undeniably on-point.  I love everything about this.  Thank you, Sunny & Gabe!  More please!

Listen // Lana Del Rey – “Black Beauty” (Dinnerdate Remix)


DAMN – this one hit me right in the feels. When I first listened to it, I was knee-deep in all of the sweet sorrow and chaos of Mercury Retrograde and Dinnerdate totally held my head under the water for two and a half minutes, BUT I’M FINE, I SWEAR.

To be honest, I think I like Lana Del Rey more than I’d like to admit, but Dinnerdate totally made me feel okay with that with his remix of “Black Beauty”.  The minimalism of the original version of “Black Beauty” lent well to a remix and the German producer nailed it with his interpretation.  He added gentle synths and delicate pops and twinkles to perfectly compliment Lana’s melancholy vocals.  It’s one of those tracks you listen to once and take it back around for a few more spins.

Listen // Mocky – “Sweet Things”


He’s already worked with Kelela, Le1f, and Feist, to name a few, but now Mocky is hard at work on his very own solo EP.  The Canadian songwriter and beatsmith, Dominic Salole, dropped “Sweet Things” as the first taste of his forthcoming EP, which I’m hoping sounds a lot like this.  “Sweet Things” has this easy-going, 70s soul vibe to it as the only line in the song begs, “Keep giving me sweet things.”  This is my new 2015 anthem.  Sweet thangs only.❤