Playlist // Favorites! May 2015

Here are my favorite tracks and mixes from May!  There’s over 65 hours of music on this one.  Sorry I went a little overboard again – I just get too excited sometimes!  Just hit shuffle and enjoy.

Video // Röyksopp – “I Had This Thing”

I Had This Thing

UGH – WHO IS CUTTIN’ ONIONS IN HERE?! Geez.  I’m catching all the feels with Röyksopp‘s latest video for “I Had This Thing” from their fifth and final studio release, The Inevitable End.  Directed by Roboshobo, the video for “I Had This Thing” chronicles the emotional breakup of a couple via superimposed text conversation.  By the end of the video, there’s still hope for the couple, but maybe not so much for the world.

Free Download // Misun – “Justice”


So not to get all granola-bitch on you, but during one of my yoga classes over the winter, my teacher guided us through a short meditation during which we imagined ourselves all alone in the desert.  And let’s be real here – I’m not a resourceful person at all, so I DEFINITELY wouldn’t make it on my own out there.  Like for real, I’d be a crispy critter by day’s end.  But my teacher said we had enough water to drink and a map to get us where we needed to go, so the idea of being out there on my own wasn’t so scary anymore. What he was trying to show us with that lesson was that we already have what it takes to live and be successful (whatever that may mean to you) within us already.  Sometimes we get caught up thinking if we were a little more of this and a little less of that, we’d be better.  Or if we had enough money to do this or knew somebody who could help us do that, we’d be better.  But the truth is, we’re enough and we already have everything we need.

And Misun‘s latest track, “Justice”, totally reminded me of that moment, something I’ll never forget.  As Misun wails, “I’ve gotta be my own hero,” it just reminds me that you can’t rely on anyone or anything else to get you where you gotta go.  You can do it on your own.  You’ve already got everything you need to make it, but sometimes you can’t see it right way and you gotta dig deep.  But it’s always there.  And how many times have you expected somebody to be a certain person and you find out they’re totally not that AT ALL.  You’re left standing there, totally blown, wondering how the fuck you got it so wrong.  And while it makes you incredibly sad, you’re simultaneously elated because you realize how much better you are on your own, standing tall on your own two feet.  That’s so powerful, right?!

Shit.  I don’t even know if that’s what Misun intended with “Justice”, but that’s what I’m getting out of it.  And honestly, I’m just happy to hear from Misun again.  It’s been six whole months since Superstitions and I need their beachy, self-proclaimed “aquawave” vibe to warm me up this summer. But by the sound of things here, musically and lyrically, it seems like they’ve grown a lot over these past six months and can’t wait to talk about it.  They’ve got a new EP coming on 5/29 titled Feel Better and I don’t know about y’all, but I’m feeling better already.  Misun’s back.

Listen // Little Boots – “Better In The Morning”

Little Boots

Good LORT.  Is there a repeat button on SoundCloud?  WHY NOT?  Like, I really need it right now for Little Boots‘ latest track, “Better In The Morning”.  The beat, so bouncy and whimsical, is the perfect landscape for Victoria Hesketh’s sing-songy vocals.  And I’m totally buying into the idea that “Better In The Morning” is 2015’s “Genius Of Love” by Tom Tom Club.  I can just see myself already walking down the block like a boss ass bitch with this track on repeat.

“Better In The Morning” is from Little Boots’ third full-length album, Working Girl, which is due out on 7/10 via Dim Mak/On Repeat Records. And I’m hella stoked that this totally addictive synth-pop sound is coming to major dance music labels like these because it’s 2015 and we need less bangers and more groovers, RIGHT GUYS?!

Playlist // Favorites! April 2015


Somebody fire me. Just give me a janky cardboard box to pack away all of my snacks and stuffed animals (my favorite audience) and I’ll be on my way, I promise. I’ll leave you with this FORTY ONE HOUR playlist that encompasses a lot of my favorite tracks and mixes from April. Guys, I really had no idea that it was gonna be this long of a good time! And this was even during a month where I took a week off blogging to go drink bourbon in Louisville, KY and eat hot chicken in Nashville, TN.

Anyway, the vibe is pretty low-key this month and that’s just the way I like it, so I hope you do too! You’ll enjoy lots of really dope hip-hop instrumentals, R&B with the smoothest vocals, and of course lots of club music that kept my spirits high during the Baltimore Uprising.

Hit shuffle and press play to get down to this playlist! And just in case you want more, here’s March’s Playlist!

Playlist // March Favorites!

I’m finally delivering on something a lot of you have asked me for.

Each week here on Cool Breezy, I usually post twelve pieces (sixteen if I’m feeling super motivated).  It breaks down to about eight of my favorite tracks and videos and a about four inspirational articles to help you get your life together.  Unfortunately that means I’m forced to leave out a lot of great music and often times it feels like a parent trying to pick their favorite child.

But with this playlist, clocking in at over twelve hours (!!!), gives me a chance to showcase not only the tracks that have been included on each issue of Cool Breezy, but also some of the ones that I absolutely loved but had to leave out for issues of space and time.  And it also gives you guys the chance to press play, kick your feet up (even if you’re at work – I won’t tell!), and just enjoy the music.

So here are my favorite tracks from March 2015!  Enjoy!

Listen // Kero Kero Bonito – “Picture This”

Picture This

As Kero Kero Bonito frontwoman, Sarah Bonito, sings “I really couldn’t say why my life is so photographic/ Because these days it’s just automatic/ Show me a pic or it didn’t even happen,” I can’t figure out if this is a tongue-in-cheek way to poke fun at 2015’s Selfie Nation or an empowering anthem in support of our point-and-click habits. Either way, London’s KKB’s bi-lingual, sing-songy raps against the bubbly atmosphere of “Picture This” is enough to brighten my day.

Listen // Active Child – “1999”

Active Child

Active Child‘s latest love song explores the space “between now and 1999,” which feels a lot like longing and heartbreak and true love and unsaid words and things you wish you didn’t say and taking chances and falling on your face and everything else that happens during that tumultuous time.  Active Child told The Fader that “1999” was “about growing up, a song about the fragility of love, and our instinctual, perpetual search for that someone.”  It’s all beautiful.  The whole damn thing.

Listen // Ava Luna – “Coat of Shellac”

Ava Luna

I just love how low key sexy this track is from New York’s Ava Luna. “Coat of Shellac” boasts these slightly suggestive riffs behind lead singer Felicia Douglass’s groovy vocals that make this one of those tracks that you gotta spin back for another go ’round.

“Coat of Shellac” is on Ava Luna’s forthcoming album, Infinite House, due out on 4/14 via Western Vinyl.

Free Download // Mitski – “Francis Forever” (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Francis Forever

Brooklynites Ryan Hemsworth and Mitski will be sharing the stage later this month in Austin for SXSW, and in light of that, Hemsworth applied his signature whimsy to Mitski’s “Francis Forever”.  Hemsworth transformed the heartwrenching, brooding original into this bouncy, cute shout out to past loves. But the line, “I’ll miss you more than anything” still feels like an elephant sitting my chest.