Free Download // Nadastrom – The Life and Times of Raphael De La Ghetto

Hot off the heels of their 2015 full-length effort, Nadastrom, the LA-via-DC duo yet again find themselves shedding the skin of yesterday.  Don’t expect to hear much moombahton from them anymore.  It’s a new day and they’re breaking new ground.  While Nadastrom explored rich house music territory, The Life and Times of Raphael De La Ghetto keeps it light and funky.

You might remember Raphael De La Ghetto from a classic episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air where Will Smith freestyled a poem in high school and attributed it to Raphael De La Ghetto, who was played by Geoffrey, the family’s butler.  Samples from the episode tie the whole mixtape together as it moves us with classic breakbeats and hip-hop instrumentals.

Listen // Raf Riley – “Summer” ft. Etta Bond, Avelino, and Dun D

Hella wavy sounds coming from London’s Raf Riley with the help of frequent collaborator, Etta Bond, as well as Avelino and Dun D.  This is what summer sounds like at 4am – hot, sticky, and hittin’ all the right parts.

Free Download // breeze – “rubber”

Forgive me, yawl.  Bless me with that late pass.  I know “rubber” is almost a year old right now but I CANNOT GET OVER HOW CHILL IT IS.  MY GOD.  Yo I just wanna lay in a field of daffodils, stare at the bluest of skies above, and listen to this track forever.  And breeze is based out of Maryland?!  HI NEIGHBOR!

In more recent developments, breeze has a collaborative mixtape out now with leaf beach.  It’s called postcards and it’s more soulful hip-hop instrumentals than you can shake a stick at.  Vibes for days and worth every American Dollar you’ll drop for the pleasure of owning it.

Listen // Kenny Segal – “College”

LA-based producer, Kenny Segal, is gonna get you into chill-mode hella quick with “College,” his take on Elijah Blake & Dej Loaf’s “I Just Wanna…”  To be honest, I like Segal’s rework better than the original, which was more of a forgettable R&B sleeper.  Listen for yourself, but Segal breathed some much-needed soul into the track.  NOW I’m where I need to be.

Free Download // W3NDCH3LL: Soul

If you’ve been following Cool Breezy for the past few months, you can probably already tell that I’ve made a concerted effort to dance away from bangers and more towards groovers. Man, I’m just tryna chill now. Funky hip-hop instrumentals from New Jersey’s Flamingosis and the soulful crooning of Dallas-Fort Worth’s Leon Bridges have soundtracked my 2015 and honestly, I’ve never been happier. There’s a direct correlation between the amount of groovers I’ve enjoyed and the happiness I’m radiating these days.

Enter Chicago’s Neon Pajamas – dude is speaking to every fucking cell in my god-given BODY right now with his latest compilation, W3NDCH3LL. Over the past year, he has curated and released similar compilations like this – Windchill: A Chicago Instrumental Experience followed by W2NDCH2LL – which place the spotlight on Chicago’s thriving music scene and the talented producers that drive its unique sound.

W3NDCH3LL, or The Final Wind, is the final installment in the series and consists of three separate segments.  What we’re listening to today is the Soul segment, which is beautifully composed of soothing textures, late night street sounds, and more soul than ya mama’s fried chicken.

Free Download // Flamingosis – Newski


My dude Flamingosis is like, a fucking savant or something.  His latest album, Newski, is full of unreleased tracks and they’re all so damn good – LAWWDDD!  Hit play on the first track, “Holiday,” and I guarantee you’ll be hittin’ that download button before the track even ends.

Free Download // District Summer Compilation


There’s something about summertime in DC that has you waking up early, staying out late, and feeling so alive from start to finish.  These thoughts are eloquently echoed by Jake Komara, the maestro behind the District Summer compilation (and my ol’ bossman during my days of writing for his blog, Head of Rothchild!).  As he tells Bandwidth, “I wanted to put out a music compilation that would capture the feeling of what it’s like to be in D.C. during the summer months. From brunches, to pool parties and rooftop afterhours, D.C. has a pulse during this special time of year.”

And what better way to get into the heat of the moment than by a feel-good house music compilation curated by some of DC’s favorite DJs?

Video // Leon Bridges – “Smooth Sailin'”

Smooth Sailin'

Oh my sweet lord – it’s Leon Bridges in FULL TECHNICOLOR. *church fan* Let me find out Mr. Bridges has moves, too. (He actually does, though. Turns out, he was an aspiring choreographer before he realized he could really carry a tune.)

“Smooth Sailin'” will be on Leon Bridges’ debut album, Coming Home, out on 6/23 via Columbia.

Listen // Leon Bridges – “Smooth Sailin'”

Leon Bridges

We’re about two weeks out until Leon Bridges‘ debut album, Coming Home, drops and the Dallas/Fort Worth-based artist just presented us with yet another single. He’s just spoiling us now! But I’m not even about to complain.

Life with Leon gets better and better with each track and “Smooth Sailin'” is no exception. Open up the windows and crack some cold cans with your baby because it’s about to get hella breezy in here.

Coming Home debuts on 6/23 via Columbia Records (!!!).