Learn: // “13 Lessons on Being a Boss” by GRIMES


Tavi Gevinson (aka my super amazing girl crush because she’s been KILLING IT before there was even a game to kill) is the young hustler behind Rookie, a fashion and lifestyle blog that she’s been writing since she was like, literally in middle school.  Now the blog has tons of contributors and articles so they release a yearbook every year with the best of the best.  The third edition of the Rookie Yearbook is coming out on 10/21 and it features this smart piece on how to be a boss written by none other than Grimes herself, which you can read over at Elle.  It seems to cover all the bases like dating, finding mentors, and the importance of exercise.  And basically, as she says, fuck the haters: “The point is, listening to haters is pointless. People are judgmental about everything—often because they feel threatened. Ignore them. I think this applies to any business or creative thing, because tomorrow’s world will not look like today’s. Doing something different is probably better than doing the same things that other people do.”