Welcome to The Brand New and Improved Cool Breezy!  I am your loving host, Casey, aka “@stoopgirl from The Internet” aka Lil’ Hot Wings aka Yung Egg White Delight. Here’s the rub:  Cool Breezy started in the very beginning of 2011 as something to keep me occupied while I was between jobs.  I’ve always considered myself a writer in some way and have always desired to start a blog. After heeding some timely advice (“Just do something”) from a dear friend, I got to work and started sharing the things I loved with anybody who cared to read about them.  While Cool Breezy originally covered a wide range of topics like music, video games, and fashion, it quickly evolved into an all-music all the time kind of blog, which was certainly fine by me because moombahton was poppin’ off on the daily and I was landing interviews like it was my j-o-b (thank you, thank you, thank you).  Six months later, Cool Breezy was nominated as the 2nd Best Entertainment Blog in Baltimore.

By then, Cool Breezy had officially changed my world.  I had made forever friends with people who loved to share music, dance at the same parties I did and even DJ’d at the shows I wanted to go to.  I’m actually willing to bet that now, at least 75% of my amazing friends are people I’ve met through Cool Breezy and I can never thank the universe enough for that.  But, on the real, I had gained the respect of creative people who have found success doing what they love to do, something I have always wanted to achieve.  Even complete strangers were coming up to me and telling me how much they loved Cool Breezy!  All this for a girl who wrote blog posts about music from her bed.

After a small hiatus from blogging, I’m just glad to be back.  In my time away from The Internet, I’ve re-kindled a love for old hobbies like cooking, reading, and living the slow life.  I’ve learned that there’s more to life than killing yourself to hit the after parties.  There’s more to music than the 20th remix of the same song.  And there’s more to blogging than writing up a track just because everybody else is writing it up..

So here’s my chance to do it right this time; to really make the best of it.  This is the blog I’ve always wanted write.  In the new Cool Breezy, now a comprehensive e-zine released every Friday, you’ll still be able to enjoy old favorites like mixtapes, interviews, and exclusive tracks.  But now you’ll also get to read about food, movies, stories, and lifestyle enrichment.  Life can get pretty intense out there and I want you to enjoy a little break on me.  Listen to some music you haven’t heard before.  Learn something new.  Try to break an old habit.  Feel inspired to go outside and get some fresh air.  Whatever it is you need.  I want to set you up for success so you can make the best of this life too.

Enjoy.  And, as always – thanks for listening!



  • heycoolbreezy@gmail.com

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