What up, world!  It’s Stoop.  COOL BREEZY is my little brain child/experiment/happy accident born out of a combination of post-college lack of direction and an intensifying love of embracing new music and sharing it with everyone I know.  COOL BREEZY began as an “anything goes” kinda blog but over the span of its time on the innerwebz, it’s evolved into a music blog, showcasing my favorite indie, hip-hop, and dance tunes that I think deserve particular attention.  Every track, mix, and release you see on COOL BREEZY has been Stoop-Approved ™, which basically means I don’t post anything I haven’t personally downloaded or really grooved to.  If it’s your first time visiting, expect to hear a lot of tunes from all over the radar, anywhere from moombahton to club music to indie pop.  And because I’m the nosiest girl on the planet, expect to see a bunch of interviews with some of my favorite musical artists.  Try not to get intimidated by my excitement.  I eat way too much candy.


  • heycoolbreezy@gmail.com

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